We are a traditional grocery store located in the heart of Small Heath in Birmingham. Our store provides the quality products that you can trust to meet all your grocery needs. We provide Halal HMC certified meat and chicken cut the way our customers like. Our store offers an impressive range of fish with lots of variety to choose from. We have a selection of fruit and vegetables that are carefully picked and brought in store. We also provide the usual household goods that we all need and like to use every day. These products can all be found at our Sheikh Bros store.

House Groceries

Including Milk, bread, eggs, biscuits, Cream, butter and more…In our store, we have all the quality products you can trust to meet your daily grocery needs.  Among these include a large range of dairy products that you can add to your shopping.  Whether you are looking to cook something for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can find all your ingredients within our store.


Fresh Fruit & Veg

The most fresh and finest fruit and vegetables are ready for you to simply choose from.  Seasonal fruit and vegetables are carefully picked and always here in time conveniently for our customers.  Our vegetables include the popular range from South Asian countries in particular Bangladeshi vegetables.


For those that love fish and enjoy many different types of fish cuisine, then our store is the right place for you.  We offer an impressive range of fish with lots of variety to choose from.  Our customers’ popular choices include Telapia and Roa fish.

Meat & Poultry

We take great responsibility in providing authentic Halal meat and chicken to our customers.  We provide Halal HMC certified meat and poultry that our customers have cut the way they like.  No matter what recipe you cook using our meat and chicken will only serve as a delicacy to your appetite

Why Choose Sheikh Bros?
Our services are remarkable and our products are of high quality with affordable prices. When choosing us you choose convenience, quality, standards, freshness, organic, HMC certified, satisfaction, friendly, understanding, variety and reliability. When choosing Sheikh Bros you choose a healthy lifestyle, but in a healthy way.

100% Fresh Foods

To maintain a truly healthy active lifestyle it is vital to maintain healthy nutritional eating in our lives.  This can only be done if the foods that we consume are 100% fresh.  This means that our foods are beneficial to our health if they are grown without the use of artificial chemicals.  We at Sheikh Bros take pride in having 100% fresh Foods in our store.

Friendly Service

Our service is nothing but friendly and tailored to the customers’ needs.  Every customer is important and really matters to us.  We try to connect with our customers and give a friendly community feel in store.  This has enabled us to have long standing relationships with all those that come in store every day.

Certified Farmers

Having organic foods means that food must be produced through methods of organic farming.  We ensure that foods that we provide are from certified Farmers.  We source many products from local Farmers and Artisans, this helps to build connections and a strong local food economy.

Order by Phone

Busy or in a rush, then why not place an order by phone at our store Sheikh Bros.  Everything will be carefully packed and ready for you to come by and simply pick up.  You will be satisfied by this very quick and convenient service.

Our Brands
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