About Us

Who We Are

Sheikh Bros has been successfully running for over 25 years and we have always made exceptional efforts to make continuous improvements.  We are a traditional grocery store located in central Birmingham, where we provide grocery and household products.  Our experience in building this store to maintain good customer relations have been significantly due to the fact that we make quality the prime focus in our store.  We take great pride in delivering the best service to our customers so that they keep returning and become a customer for life.

What We Do

We are a traditional grocery store located in the heart of Small Heath in Birmingham.  Our store provides the quality products that you can trust to meet all your grocery needs.  We provide Halal HMC certified meat and chicken cut the way our customers like.  Our store offers an impressive range of fish with lots of variety to choose from. We have a selection of fruit and vegetables that are carefully picked and brought in store.  These products and much more varieties from different countries can all be found at our Sheikh Bros store.

Why Choose Us?


Our products are a vast range of goods, high quality guaranteed, good for value and at affordable prices.  Whether you want to buy just for every day grocery needs or in bulk, then this can be done at our store.

Eat healthy organically grown produce

To maintain good health it is a must to have a healthy nutritional diet as well.  Our foods are beneficial to our health if they are grown without the use of artificial chemicals.  We at Sheikh Bros take pride in having 100% Organic Foods in our store.

Eating local, get better taste & support family farms

If you are looking for quality in taste of food then you must buy quality food ingredients.  We source many products from local family Farms, which helps to build a strong local food economy.

Save up to 2 hours per week grocery shopping

By avoiding the struggle of rushing round to multiple stores for few various items of grocery and household needs, you are able to conveniently buy everything that you need in one place in our store.

Our Products